Tuesday, 7 May 2013


... albeit in a language I don't speak.

Yes, the Spanish version of Reviver was published, available through Circulo de Lectores, meaning that my first published book was effectively written by someone else. Remembering the level of difference in translation attempts in any language classes I had at school, I suspect the degree to which a good translation matters is hugely underestimated. I hope a decent translation gets the credit it deserves...

They've called the book Ultimo Aliento.  When I first saw the title, for a terrible moment I thought it meant 'The Last Alien'.  But no!  Thankfully.  It's actually 'Last Breath', which is fine by me.

Find it in their catalogue on page 34 here:  http://catalogo.circulo.es/ 

(Bit of Trivia: the catalogue entry was written by someone who'd only read the original version of the manuscript, before the rewrites, and it mentions a character (Beth) who used to be key to the story but was almost entirely cut from the finished book. She still gets a little cameo, does Beth.  Aw, bless.)

Of course, when their new catalogue goes up in a few weeks, that'll very much NOT be my book on page 34, but http://www.circulo.es/Libros/2013/022013/27045.aspx may last longer.

Anyway, the translated opening line is:

A veces, Jonah Miller odiaba hablar con los muertos.

Google Translate has that as 'Sometimes hated Jonah Miller talk to the dead.' 

Almost, Google.  Almost.


  1. Hi, Seth. I think I must be one of the first readers of "Reviver" ("Last Breath") in Spanish. That means that some members of the "Circle of Readers" in Spain have to get to page 34 of the catalog (ha ha) to find something interesting (You know, in the first pages... Neruda, Borges, Cervantes... LOL). The translation is excellent, so do not worry about the results. I do not know if your book will reach page 5 of the catalog (I think no, but don't worry), but I'm waiting for the second part, and certainly I will buy it. Meanwhile, I'll think about some other practical applications of resuscitation (reviving?) ... hmmm ... How about asking the dead for tax evasion? ... wow ... Maybe I should not give those ideas to our governments. Seriously, with "Reviver" I have lived the novel from the first to the last page (in a few days). I send you a sincere recognition of your work, and I will continue waiting for the continuation of these phrases: "- I think we can help each other, do not we? - Kendrick said. Creature with the face of Michael Andreas looked up and smiled. "(by google Translator, with a little help of my little english knowledge, this translation should be bizarre, sure). Good luck... and continue working. Regards, Martin.

  2. Hi Martin, and thanks! You're the first person I've heard from who has bought and read the book... I'm glad you liked it, and it's great to hear that the translation is so good. Credit for that (and a massive thanks from me) goes to Jesus de Cos, the translator.

  3. Hi Seth, I bought a copy in spanish only a few days ago and it took me just a weekend to read it. I think it contains an original idea, and I like the way you treat it. The way a reviver can feel everything that the dead person felt and knew, even without words, opens a door to mind reading!

    For sure, security agencies would make their workers to sign that they will not use this proccess, or would use ¨ways¨ not to allow people with sensitive information be revived.

    I am really craving for the next one! congratulations from Spain.