Monday, 20 July 2015

Lost Souls, and movie news...

Yes, it's been a while since I last added to my blog. Eight months! And in that time, the final final touches were added to Reviver book 2, which is now called Lost Souls, and the cover is below:

Release dates are a little complicated, as it's being published first in paperback in the UK on August 13th, but in the US it'll be out in hardback on November 3rd. Apologies to US readers for the three-month wait, which can only be put down to the unfathomable mysteries of publishing.

What can you expect in the new book? Compulsive reading, that's what!

And what have I been doing all year? Well, I've just moved house, and we're now in beautiful Cornwall, in the early stages of recovering from the trauma that house moves always bring. Beyond that, I've been spending my time on a handful of future projects, while grappling with the novelisation of The Returned season 2. With luck and a following wind, I'll get that finished in the next few weeks, and get to work on Reviver 3.

Now, movie news! Or at least, the imminent arrival of movie news. What little I know: a new Reviver script has just been delivered, and decision time approaches. A nervous couple of weeks lies ahead... I don't know who Legendary has entrusted the job to, but good luck to 'em.

All my fingers and toes are crossed, which makes typing hard; the last time I was this stressed, it was when Reviver was being hawked around publishers. Right now, though, all I can do is wait.