Monday, 20 July 2015

Lost Souls, and movie news...

Yes, it's been a while since I last added to my blog. Eight months! And in that time, the final final touches were added to Reviver book 2, which is now called Lost Souls, and the cover is below:

Release dates are a little complicated, as it's being published first in paperback in the UK on August 13th, but in the US it'll be out in hardback on November 3rd. Apologies to US readers for the three-month wait, which can only be put down to the unfathomable mysteries of publishing.

What can you expect in the new book? Compulsive reading, that's what!

And what have I been doing all year? Well, I've just moved house, and we're now in beautiful Cornwall, in the early stages of recovering from the trauma that house moves always bring. Beyond that, I've been spending my time on a handful of future projects, while grappling with the novelisation of The Returned season 2. With luck and a following wind, I'll get that finished in the next few weeks, and get to work on Reviver 3.

Now, movie news! Or at least, the imminent arrival of movie news. What little I know: a new Reviver script has just been delivered, and decision time approaches. A nervous couple of weeks lies ahead... I don't know who Legendary has entrusted the job to, but good luck to 'em.

All my fingers and toes are crossed, which makes typing hard; the last time I was this stressed, it was when Reviver was being hawked around publishers. Right now, though, all I can do is wait.


  1. Hello Dear Author,
    Thank you for Reviver, the best book I have read in years (and I do read a lot!).
    Believe it or not, my husband picked tis one for me!

    I am only in the middle of it and this is a beautiful-ok maybe not- a fantastic story!
    I look forward to the movie as well,as some (unlucky) people dont read books...they will have a chance to know this amazing story you created.
    Please keep up the good work!
    I am looking forward to reading #2!!!
    Enjoy your new place and make new memories! No trauma in cherishing the old memories!

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Bea,

    you're very welcome! Hearing from a reader who loved my book is the best part of being a writer, so thank you SO much for taking the time to let me know...

    I hope you enjoy book 2!

  3. Hello~
    I started reading Lost Souls yesterday and finished a few minutes ago.
    Like the previous book, captivating to no end!
    I can't wait to follow their enormus adventure to the end of it all.

    Thank you alot for publishing such a great idea and sharing the adventure with the rest of the world!

    Julia, Germany

  4. Hi Seth,

    I just wanted to let you know that last year I read The Reviver and it was by far one of most captivating books I have ever read, needless to say I had been anxiously awaiting the sequel. I am delighted to say that having just finished Lost Souls, it did not disappoint in the slightest, I had tried to pace the book but could not help finishing it in two days.
    I cannot wait to see what trouble Jonah and co find themselves in next, also extremely excited to see how the film adaptation comes along! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing story.

    P.S - I'm from St Ives in Cornwall and hope you're enjoying your move here, you won't be disappointed, it's one of the most picturesque places in the world.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Thanks Dan, stay tuned for book 3. Nothing concrete to report on the film version yet, but hopefully soon...

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    3. BTW Lost Souls was brilliant. Have you had a chance to hear the audio yet?

    4. Seth when do the TV/film rights become available? If the current Legendary project doesn't get developed, for example? Working on a few projects and curious. I have a great feel for the books (see Audie), which I love, and have a very specific and compelling idea of how to pitch it and who to pitch it to. The only way to do it right IMO. Shoot me an email. Looking forward. Ari (narrator)

  5. Hello,

    Do you know when lost souls will be translated to French?

    Thank you.

    1. As far as I know Super 8 has no plans for a French translation yet, and I doubt another publisher would step in, so they might need some pestering :)

  6. hi seth. this is ari fliakos, narrator of the books for macmillan. let's touch base. shoot me an email at arifliakos at hotmail when you can.

    and thanks for the books. its been a pleasure.

  7. Hello mr. Patrick,

    I had to come and leave a comment. Reviver was given to me as a present and I've enjoyed every bit of it! Honestly, I can't wait to get my hands on Lost Souls :) By the way, your use of the english language is really beautiful. It's not just the narrative that is captivating- the structural fluence of the language is really awesome. I am not a native speaker, but I have read enough books in english to consider myself a person with a good grasp of the language.



    1. Thanks Andreas, comments like this are exactly what keeps us authors going! As far as language goes, I want to make my books as compelling and readable as possible, which to me is all about flow: the momentum and rhythm of the words driving the reader onward.

      I hope you enjoy Lost Souls! To my mind, it's an even better book than Reviver!

      Wait... 'Andreas'??

      Should I be afraid? :)

    2. You're welcome :)

      I will be getting into Lost Souls soon. You have no reason to be afraid- my name translates to Andreas or Andrew in english :) But I see your point :D

  8. Great book 1, I am waiting for the french translation of Lost Souls so I can enjoy it as well. Any news about it?
    Thanks and I hope to see a movie coming soon!
    Best Regards,

  9. I LOVED Lost Souls! I just had to keep on reading! The way the tension builds up is amazing and when you managed to fool me into thinking certain ways... I never have that in books! You inspire me so much. I hope to be an author one day and you're one of my examples. Keep on writing!

  10. Almost finished with Lost Souls. I've thoroughly enjoyed Reviver and Lost Souls! When do you anticipate book 3 will be published?

  11. Coming across the Reviver Series was my good luck. Such a unique stories line. I would live to add them all to my collection signed, but I'm having a hard time finding them signed. Any ideas?