Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Returned

My second book has just been published: the novelisation of French hit TV show The Returned.

I really enjoyed writing this - a whole new experience, to take somebody else's baby and turn it into a novel. I worked damn hard on it, and as always I hope it's a compelling read.

I'd love to hear from those fans of the show who read it. It's a faithful adaptation, but not slavishly so, and I'll be interested to know if readers like the differences.

Now, people keep asking me when the Reviver sequel will hit the shelves, and currently it's set for this June. That's only a year later than originally planned!

But, yeah. I feel an apology is in order. OK, I did write a whole other book in the meantime, but the major rewriting on Reviver #2 took far longer than I'd expected.

I think that's a general rule of writing. I can just picture my editor's expression every time I sent her another earnest email saying 'it'll just be another two weeks! Promise!'

Sure it will. Ahem.

It's coming, though... The original title Acolyte may change, so watch this space.

Meantime: buy a copy of The Returned! If you don't, they'll put me back in the cage again.

On Sunday night I'll be in London to present an award at the London Horror Festival. I'll report back afterwards and let you know how I get on with that dreaded 'public speaking' thing.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - the Kindle price of The Reviver is £1.19 at time of writing, so now's a great time to buy a copy of that, too, if you haven't already. Cage, see? Remember the cage.


  1. I have just finished reading The Returned and loved we just need you to do a novelisation of series 2 !!?? Please.....

  2. I haven't seen the french version of The Returned but I saw the American version then found out there was a book! I haven't been able to put it down and have read it in two sittings!
    Will you do more? I hope so!

  3. i just don't understand this book, i waited and waited and waited. this was bad mystery ,no explanations ,no open sources just cryptic closings .so we're just supposed to accept that everyone disappears like that, well to where and how dd serge get into the helping hand how come he can teleport , i think you're good though because the writing was great. only problem was the ending and your cryptic-ness